Hey Trail family!


You found me! Yes, I've been in front of this dang Mac too long... but as you are reading this just now, I might be out getting some dirt under my boots. Well, maybe not Stecoah Gap and that brutal climb, but something like Hump Mountain or Wayah Bald or Grayson Highlands (if I'm really lucky).

We also have an on-line discussion list just for our trail family and other recent years. If you want to join, click here.

Some of you know that Troubadour is maintaining a PC site: http://www.pcthiker.com  Rumor has it that in '09, Big John will be heading out to the PCT. Squirrel's also arranging our 15 year get together at Trail Days.  Any other news? Let me know and I'll post it.

- Bad DNA



The AT94 list is maintained for the hiking class of 1994, Appalachian Trail Thru Hikers and Section Hikers.


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