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Suches GA Post Office

Suches GA Post Office

M=0.3; C=16.4.

Oh, my savior. Seriously. Post offices rock. 'Huck Finn' is out front. He had tented behind the Gooch Gap shelter the night before. This morning, all of us spent an hour or more going through our gear with the plan of culling unnecessaries. I mailed home 14 lbs of gear (spare fuel bottle, hardware and even my tent, with the idea that the shelters or my tarp would suffice for a while).

So we six hiked down from the shelter, hit the road crossing and took a left into our first 'Trail Town'. Suches, GA had everything we hoped for: it wasn't a long road walk, it had a post office (our lifeline on trail) and a small general store. Off go a fistful of postcards.

Of all of our dreams and fantasies expressed the night before while we talked, only The Nice One got his wish: a fresh head of lettuce.

As The Nice One and I sat in front of the store, we saw Finn cruise by in the front seat of a car! The rest of us had hoofed it down the road walk into town, but Finn hitched a ride. He was immediately renamed 'Front Seat Finn'.