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Low Gap Shelter

Low Gap Shelter

M=13.0; C=41.3

J: Bone tired - ain't nothing that's not sore. What the heck possessed me to hike this bloody trail? While everyone else stayed in Walasi Yi, Fox, Front Seat and I gained ground to Low Gap Mt. Tesnatee was a trip, but finding...

I fell asleep making my journal entry. Low Gap Shelter was packed with hikers -- at least nine crammed in as the rain started. On trail, the shelter isn't *full* until the last hiker is in. However, sleeping in the Blood Mtn Shelter was so noisy, few of us got much rest. Sleep was becoming THE luxury out there.

Front Seat Finn, Fox and I elected to sleep under the shelter where we'd have room to move a bit and still stay dry. We didn't count on hearing every move of the hikers above us. Nonetheless, we dozed off and caught up on some rest. My legs woke me in the middle of the dark with severe cramping. Dehydration or electrolytes -- whatever it was, it was painful.