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GA NC state line, Bly Gap

GA NC state line, Bly Gap

My first state line. Passing the pipe, I enter North Carolina. A few miles later, Muskrat Shelter for the night.

Espy told me she was getting to the point where she had to start taking the downs backwards = walking backwards on the descents to keep the knees and ankles working, with two hiking sticks, double-poling it. There's no science behind our guesswork, but we all had our ideas on how many pounds of pressure using hiking sticks took off the legs. Let the arms push down and carry five or 10 pounds or more with each step, and there's that much less accumulated damage and pain on the legs at the end of the day.

J: Made it to Muskrat Shelter. Dog tired after only 11.6. Heard Crystal dropped out. Fox and I made it, along with Mike from the BB Patch. Today, crossed the NC line and what a welcome carolina gave. Killer ascent beyond Bly Gap - I have no idea what the elevation is, but it's much cooler here. During the day, Wombat and Woodchuck blew me away -- fast 15 milers. Old Sam dropped into camp, too -- he keeps plugging along.

Feet are really taking a pounding -- need some boot liners and have to stretch out more, too.