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ATC Regional Guides

ATC Regional Guides

Hiker boxes are treasure troves of cast off items hikers leave for other hikers. Most hostels and even many companies along the Trail keep a hiker box for 'stuff swapping' or gear recycling.

I found many of the regional ATC guides and topo maps in hiker boxes. This one was rescued from the N.O.C. hiker box.

Originally, I had planned to stay in the bunkhouse today for a day off layover in town -- but the thru-hiker bunkhouse was wiped out in a mudslide a week back. Hotelling it with Jaguar Bob, Fox and the other three from Rufus.

Met up with Mike the Ranger and Richard Harris, Highway Patrol. Richard says he's leaving Trail. Also met Jack in the Green, Portacan Dan and Babbles (Babbling Brooke). Dan got his nickname before Trail. Apparently he was visiting a portapotty when his friends thought it would be fun to lock him inside. As if that wasn't enough, then they rolled the portapotty down a hill before they let him out. Ouch.

The day off gave me time to lance that blister on the R heel and drain it. Resupplied in Bryson City after a hitch with some other hikers. Grabbed a few brews and kicked back.