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Maple Casualty of the Ice

Maple Casualty of the Ice - March 10

The following day, non-essential personnel were given leave by the administration. So I got a play date.

In the morning, a couple department friends and I toured campus and town. I had tried to call my tenants as a courtesy, but the lines were dead to both the house and surrounding neighbors. Not too surprising, what with the rural location at the edge of the county. So we drove down around lunch.

I was greeted with the very sad demise of a favorite shade maple on my hillside that had laid gently -- but completely -- upon my living room roof. What started out as a scenic tour of the river valley became a day of house maintenance. I un-mothballed my chainsaw from the attic storage and we spent the day clearing the tree from the house. Upside: my tenants would have plenty of woodstove food for late spring and the next fall.