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Sassafras Gap Shelter

Sassafras Gap Shelter

This is an above-average setup for shelters along the trail. The privy was easy to get to and well-constructed.

Memorable register entries:

'I'm hungry. I'll wait up for you at the next shelter.' - J. Dalmer

Bring our lost children home.
They dance upon these hills.
Brave and loyal to each other
Grey and white hair flowing in the winds.
If you listen quietly
You will still hear their echo.
For while man has forgotten
These mountains have not
And carry their song.
Beautiful, moreso
than any churchly choir.
They sang to the heavens
a song more sacred and simple
than we could ever match.
But they are gone now.
Fled north and west or killed.
And some wander lonely.
Our souls yearning for their song
Forgotten in our minds, alive in our souls.
But these mountains remember
and call to us at night.
Bring our lost children home
Bring the wayah home.
- Doc Gagnon, '94