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Fontana Hilton, April 20

Fontana Hilton, April 20

M=6.6; C=163.7; A=1700

J: Just checked in on by the ranger here at the Fontana Hilton. Outstanding shelter here. Short but rough day for my R knee and ankle. Went in for food drop -- pack weighs way TOO much. Have to eat my way into the better hiking mileage.

Registered for the smokies hike. Called M&D and the roomies. Looks like a lot of folks caught up. Tonight: Fox, Tired Dogs, Little John, Jack in the Green and a new face. Getting dark -- should post some cards before bed.

To hike in the Smokies, one must 'register' with a little form and leave it with the ranger station so they know who is traversing the trail in the park. There's no fee so it is more of a formality than anything else.