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Packing Resupply Caches

Packing Resupply Caches - March 30

J: Most of the food is purchased - I hope. It's the night before leaving and I'm too tired to be nervous. I'm pouring salt into baggies; prepping supply caches for the mail. Have to get these together now! Do I have enough food? The right food? Not sure. Tried to be nutritionally sound, but hard to be sure I have enough calories. Back to work.

A few nights before, I got to meet Melissa / Chaos the reporter from '93. She gave a slideshow and talk on the trail at the community center where I played volleyball. We had traded a few emails about prepping for the hike -- so I was able to thank her in person for her help.

BTW, Blacksburg suffered a fourth ice storm just eleven days back. Enough already! I'm heading south.