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Moonrise, Derrick Knob Shelter

Moonrise, Derrick Knob Shelter

M=11.4; C=185.6

J: Made Derricks Knob -- boy, am I beat. Met up with Babbles and the Optimistic Crusader (Chris from Arlington, VA). Also in - Skip, Permagrin and Stomper, along with Rick Riggs. Rocky Top was awesome! The Fox, Espy, Little John, Getoverit, and JackintheGreen all pushed on to Siler.

Got to get my weight down! Got to reorganize food and menus! May double-drop some grub.

What a night for a night hike - moon is getting pregnant; should be full soon. Tomorrow?

All my deep thoughts of the trail evaporate before I get them down here. Stuff like what love is, what I want out of life, and how to seek it. I see the wildlife here -- feel the highs of the trail trial. Where does the strength come from? How to share all this with someone. Time to crash.