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Gearcheck in Atlanta

Gearcheck in Atlanta - April 2

J: So yesterday, I packed again. Discarding the knife and more weight I don't think I'll need. I've been through this routine a dozen times or so. Always something new to stay home. The pack still weighs way too much!

Drove down with housemate Allen and his dad. Left about 3. Finally to 'Hotlanta' about 11:30. Pulled in for directions from childhood friend Scott and his wife, Holli. Found the KOA campground but at $20 we went looking for a hotel. That was nuts. Every motel along Cobb Parkway was full. About 1, we returned to the KOA and crashed.

Made Scott and Holli's this a.m. Nice house in Marietta. We spent the day chasing parts for a broken garage door. The thing came crashing down on us as we left for a leisurely day in Atlanta. Oh well. We'll fix it tonight or tomorrow. My start is delayed just for a while.