Magoo & DreamCatcher's Big Adventure

As you probably already know, those crazy AT hikers from '94, Bill "Magoo" Miller and Kelly "DreamCatcher" Shea finally tied the knot.  Figuring that five years of testing the waters might just be enough, they wandered away from their Atlanta abode and ended up getting hitched at the Arboretum near Athens, Georgia.  Athens holds a special place for both Magoo and DreamCatcher, as Bill spent his formative years wandering the streets and occasionally attending class during his undergrad days.  Kelly is now pursuing her Doctorate at UGa.

Their wedding was held in a wonderful chapel, fittingly tucked in the woods.  This page is dedicated to their upcoming decades of happiness.  With love from all of their hiker friends (some of whom are shown below in the guest shots...)

The picts from the recent festivities... mind you, they were all "action" shots during the reception, so the quality is, well, heck, it was a wedding reception :)

Bill (um, on left) was getting kinda worried as, even at the last moment, Kelly seemed to be shopping around.  Ultimately, he did get the gal.

Some revelers: (from left) Solophile, Bad DNA, Grin-n-Bear-it (holding the newest hiking family addition, the GetoveritLet), Big John, JettButt, & Indiana Jean try their Can Can skills.

"Big John" McCue tries his best to keep the beat and band company (a really excellent Bluegrass one, at that!)

For little Sarah, even the juggling act and the band just couldn't take priority over a good nap.  (Shannon "Grin-n-Bear-it" Wickham & daughter Sarah "GetoveritLet")


You know it's a good party when the whole world seems to lean just a bit.

Rachel "Solophile" DuBois, Paul "Bad DNA" Vail, & Jean "Indiana Jean" Deeds.

Best wishes for wonderful years ahead, Bill & Kelly -- from all of your hiking family!

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